SMBZ-DS updates


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* New stage: doomship_outside (from Episode 8, when the plane is nearing Bowser's Doomship)
* You can no longer attack during the initial Ready countdown
* Made attack input more responsive for pressing repeatedly or right before countdown ends
* Fixed bug where player would still have guarding sprite frame when hurt
* Nerfed CPU player difficulty (added delay before attacking, no more spamming)
* Added from SMBZ-G: Player that connects a hit is drawn to the front, and the victim is drawn to the back
* Fixed a tiny pixel in Mario's hurt sprite
* Fixed Mario's "Hammer Meteor Smash" move (Z air) to be un-guardable (the AI was reacting to it being un-guardable even though it wasn't)
* Fixed some spritesheet issues on Sonic's spindash and bounce animations
* Fixed some frame drops and the aforementioned random crashes (as it turns out, it was the custom WAV player I implemented)

Known issues: None so far


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hello again, just out here to say that v0.3 is out now

* New stage: yoshi_forest_reboot (Episode 2 of the SMBZ reboot, Yoshi VS Metallix)
* Added a distance limit between the two players (can't go too far away from other player)
* Fixed "No slots left" crash error (or crash to MicroLua's file explorer) when the game loads the main menu after a fight between two same characters finishes
* Added a custom crash screen so the game doesn't go straight away to the file explorer
* Added "Set fighter X to char" loading screens
* Optimized FPS in the underground stage
* Lots of Lua optimizations in the underlying code to try and boost FPS:
* All separate BGs in a stage are now put in a single MicroLua canvas object instead of having their own canvas object
* A lot of local variables
* stage.lua definitions make more use of table indexes as numbers instead of string indexes (they're faster)

Known issues:
* Chances of Guru Meditation Errors on "Set fighter 1" loading screen, or when exiting a stage.
* Slight FPS drops on the new stage.


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v0.4 is out, and it's a big one
* New character(s) will be added for v0.5. This is mostly a bugfix update. * Fixed bug where ground cuts off abruptly at the bottom; it now loops indefinitely. * Added the ability to skip the title screen animation when booting up the game. (Press A) * Each sound now plays in its' own channel instead of being abruptly cut off when another one plays. (Noticeable with Mario's hammer meteor smash attack, Z-Air, when hitting the opponent) * Removed distance limit between the two players. (I only had added this because of the background looping issues) * Added some extra starting distance between the two players when the fight begins. * Added detail from SMBZ-G: Characters bounce off the ground lightly when they are stunned and hit the ground hard. * Added match timer. * The game now ships with FAT and NitroFS versions. * FAT: The game includes a "data" folder in which you must extract to the root of your SD card. You can add custom content and it seems to load faster than NitroFS. * NitroFS: The "data" folder is embedded into the NDS rom itself. Works on any emulator that has/doesn't have SD card emulation, but it doesn't boot on some R4 flashcarts (particularly mine). Works fine on TWLMenu++. * The star of this update: the whole game has changed in programming languages, from Lua to C++: * Quickly whipped up a library that mimics MicroLua but as a C++ library. * Painstakingly ported the game code from one language to the other. * The game will run at a much more stable 60 FPS due to it all being compiled instead of interpreted. * On the Lua version, the Quit button at the title screen took you to the MicroLua file explorer; however because there's no Lua anymore, it does nothing. May be replaced with an options menu in a future update. * Stages and characters now use JSON files for their definitions instead of Lua, however to add characters the source code must be edited. Custom stages do not need source code modification; just add images, music, JSON file and done. * Visual style/frontend has not changed much; just the backend.



Source code:

Known issues:
* The game is able to compile on latest devkitARM + libnds, but crashes immediately upon start on NO$GBA with an "undefined opcode" error.
* Mario's K.O. sound might fail to play after playing a few rounds. (Not sure about Sonic)
* Still some chances of Guru Meditation errors, however it seems to happen less often.