New Release: SimpleModDownloader Switch v2.0.0 By PoloNX

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SimpleModDownloader, a remarkable Nintendo Switch homebrew application that facilitates the download of mods directly from GameBanana.

The SimpleModDownloader project is a testament to the vibrant homebrew community, where passionate developers contribute to enhancing the gaming experience for Switch users. If you're eager to explore mods, check out the releases and start customizing your games.

What's New:
*Rewrote the app using Borealis.
*Transitioned to a new build tool: CMake.
*Fixed #46 and #39.
*Added a new page to preview the mod.
*Implemented detection to check if a mod is compatible with SimpleModDownloader (in reality, I check if there's a romfs folder in the archive, as permitted by the GameBanana API).
*Added a fix to prevent a crash that occurred when the mod contained special characters.
*Reduced loading times and implemented multi-threading for improved performance.


Not open for further replies.