New Release: HexLauncher Custom Vita v2.3.1 By BlackSheepBoy69

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The HexLauncher Custom, alternatively referred to as VitaHex Launcher Custom or HexFlow Launcher Unofficial Custom, stands as a modification designed to enhance VitaHEX's 3D coverflow style launcher for the PS Vita platform.

HexFlow Launcher by VitaHEX serves as a tool to showcase and launch games and homebrews in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It boasts a 3D user interface that presents your game collection with box art while offering extensive customization options such as personalized covers, backgrounds, and, from version 0.6 onwards, a single custom category.

Upon launching a game or application using HexFlow Launcher, the launcher seamlessly closes without any prompts.

What's New:
*Added theme color 'pink' from YoDwarf's fork, here (link).
*Language will now autodetect every time the app starts up (but can no longer be manually set) to make sure that the below bugfix worked. May revert in a later version to increase startup speed. If a compatible translation file isn't found, it'll default to English.
*And many fixes.


Not open for further replies.