New Release: Doom RPG Vita v1.1.0 By jakubito

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Doom RPG Vita, a fascinating project that brings the classic Doom RPG game to the PlayStation Vita.

Doom RPG was originally a mobile game released in 2005. It cleverly combines the iconic Doom first-person shooter series with elements of a role-playing game. While it shares some events with Doom 3, it follows different characters than the ones in the third game.

The Doom RPG Vita project is an adaptation of the reverse-engineered Doom RPG for the PS Vita. Kudos to the dedicated GEC team for their relentless efforts in making this project a reality! Without them, this adaptation would never have seen the light of day.

What's New:
*Cheat codes can now be activated using a controller.
*Added support for touch events.
*Re-added keyboard and mouse support.


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