New Release: A8DS v3.8a By Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion)

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A8DS, formerly known as XEGS-DS, functions as an emulator for Atari 8-bit computers on the Nintendo DS/DSi. It specifically targets the 800XL/130XE systems and various hardware extensions to boost memory capacity beyond the stock 64KB of RAM found in the 800XL. A default A8DS setup mimics an XL/XE machine with 128KB of RAM, facilitating the execution of a vast majority of 8-bit games. Additionally, A8DS offers alternative configurations such as the 320K (RAMBO) and 1088K variations for larger games and demos, along with an Atari 800 (non-XL) 48K setup for backward compatibility with older titles. This comprehensive 8-bit emulator empowers users to enjoy a wide spectrum of games on their Nintendo DS/DSi handhelds, supporting executable images, disk images, and cart types for enhanced convenience and accessibility.

What's New:
*Optimization of CPU core for a 3% *speedup across the board.
New Star Raiders keypad overlay integrated into the emulator.
*Minor tweaks, fixes and cleanup as time permitted.
*Version 3.8a optimizes the sound core a bit to improve scratchy sounds.


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