SMBZ-DS updates


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* New stage: doomship_outside (from Episode 8, when the plane is nearing Bowser's Doomship)
* You can no longer attack during the initial Ready countdown
* Made attack input more responsive for pressing repeatedly or right before countdown ends
* Fixed bug where player would still have guarding sprite frame when hurt
* Nerfed CPU player difficulty (added delay before attacking, no more spamming)
* Added from SMBZ-G: Player that connects a hit is drawn to the front, and the victim is drawn to the back
* Fixed a tiny pixel in Mario's hurt sprite
* Fixed Mario's "Hammer Meteor Smash" move (Z air) to be un-guardable (the AI was reacting to it being un-guardable even though it wasn't)
* Fixed some spritesheet issues on Sonic's spindash and bounce animations
* Fixed some frame drops and the aforementioned random crashes (as it turns out, it was the custom WAV player I implemented)

Known issues: None so far


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hello again, just out here to say that v0.3 is out now

* New stage: yoshi_forest_reboot (Episode 2 of the SMBZ reboot, Yoshi VS Metallix)
* Added a distance limit between the two players (can't go too far away from other player)
* Fixed "No slots left" crash error (or crash to MicroLua's file explorer) when the game loads the main menu after a fight between two same characters finishes
* Added a custom crash screen so the game doesn't go straight away to the file explorer
* Added "Set fighter X to char" loading screens
* Optimized FPS in the underground stage
* Lots of Lua optimizations in the underlying code to try and boost FPS:
* All separate BGs in a stage are now put in a single MicroLua canvas object instead of having their own canvas object
* A lot of local variables
* stage.lua definitions make more use of table indexes as numbers instead of string indexes (they're faster)

Known issues:
* Chances of Guru Meditation Errors on "Set fighter 1" loading screen, or when exiting a stage.
* Slight FPS drops on the new stage.