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I was a bit torn about whether to submit this or not, but I think it's good to archive it because I think it's cool.

Back in the 2000s, a user from the elotrolado.net forums called Hermes created a few libraries for NDS to play audio and do multithreading, and a wifi loader. Unfortunately, he got annoyed because of some people in the PS3 scene (if I remember correctly) and he left EOL. When he did, all the files under his user storage were also deleted:

That post links to this one:

Which links to this one:

All links are dead.

However, a few days ago I found one of backups of 2013, and I found the archive discussed in the first post.

The archive comes with pre-built examples, documentation, and source code. Unfortunately it's impossible to build it right now (it was even impossible in 2008, I believe, because of changes in libnds).

I can't attach it as a file because it's too big (2 MB?) so I've uploaded to a branch in one of my GitHub repositories:

I'll delete the file from there if you guys create an entry for it in the wiki (though I was thinking about maybe seeing if I can make the libraries work again, so maybe I'll just upload them to their own repository at some point if I can get them to work).

I'm not sure if it's worth preserving this or not in its current shape, what do you think?


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Great, thanks! :D

Edit: I've removed the file from my GitHub account now that it's uploaded to your server.
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