New Release: Red Viper 3DS v0.9.1 By Floogle, danielps, and others

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This 3DS emulator is an advancement of danielps's r3Ddragon project for the Virtual Boy. It employs a dynamic recompiler and busywait detection alongside a hardware-accelerated renderer, optimizing performance for the 3DS's modest hardware capabilities.

*Compatibility with all officially licensed games, ensuring full-speed playability on all 3DS models.
*Support for 3D gameplay.
*Capability to save game progress.
*Customizable controls: Choose to map the A/B buttons or the right D-Pad to the console's face buttons, with the alternative option accessible via the touch screen.
*Adjustable face button configurations.
*A configurable color filter to enhance visual experience.

What's New:
* 3D depth slider support.
* Pick which eye is rendered in 2D mode.
* Fast-forward button on in-game touch screen (either hold or toggle).
* GUI matches colour filter.
* Additional face button layouts.
* Fixed random crashes in T&E Soft's games (Red Alarm, 3D Tetris, Golf).
* Fix crash when closing through home menu while in the pause menu.


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