New DS Homebrew ROMs


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Hello GameBrew,

I'm coming with some new updates for my DS homebrews.

d-Elusion 0.3
  • now supports saving the unlocked levels to flashcard so you don't have to replay everything from the beginning every time you start the game
  • when running in emulator, save mode is disabled and all of the levels are available for playing

FSPDS 0.2.1
  • can now play flipnotes with sound
  • fixed some display error issues

Thank you very much!


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Thank you for publishing it! Glad you like it! :)

For completeness reasons, I would like to draw attention to some outdated information in the FSPDS wiki page.

The last paragraph of the user guide section talks about an issue that has been already fixed in 0.2.0 (if you keep flipnote paused for a long time, the sound will no longer be synchronized with the animation). It should be replaced with the specification "The flipnote's BGM track should be smaller than 512KB in order to be played correctly." - though I haven't found any flipnote with that large soundtrack during my tests.

In addition, there is a new credit to be added to the credits section:

I would be grateful if you updated the page in order to reflect the requested changes. Thank you again for everything!