Attorney Online DS


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Very interesting—thanks a lot for sharing! We've added the homebrew to the database, and here's the link to it:


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Update v1.2 released

  • Fix random crash when interacting with server areas, particularly those that make use of "hubs"
  • Performance boost on scrolling through music list, IC and OOC chat logs, and evidence description
  • Chat logs are no longer limited to 100 messages
  • Fix music list not scrolling back to the beginning when using the search function
  • Evidence subdirectories are now loaded into cache on game startup
  • Added certain checks when loading a character's char.ini file to avoid a crash
  • Try to improve RAM management with character emotes and sounds
  • When loading a character emote, the current sound is unloaded from memory first, then the new character image is loaded, and if available, the new sound is loaded afterwards
  • For character images that are LZ77-compressed (those that have stream = 0 on nds.cfg), instead of loading the entirety of the compressed data into memory and decompressing that, it is decompressed through streaming, only taking up 4KB of RAM while doing so (see arm9/source/global.cpp for more info if interested)
  • It is now possible to select between all of a character's custom shouts on the "Talk (IC)" screen
  • Speed up re-displaying the "Talk (IC)" screen when the keyboard is closed
  • Attempt to speed up scrolling through emotes on "Talk (IC)" screen
Converter tool
  • Subdirectories on evidence images are now converted
  • Backgrounds with .webp, .gif and .apng formats are now converted
  • Character conversion should now be slightly faster due to using python's built-in multiprocessing library instead of third-party library joblib
  • "Failed to convert" messages will now be logged to a file
  • When converting character emotes, the converter will now try to read the image file's header to determine its' true format (e.g. There could be a .apng file that is actually a gif)
  • A character's custom shouts will now be resized to 256x192 if necessary
  • Sounds and blips are converted to 22050 Hz instead of 32000 Hz to save on RAM
  • If you are updating the game, it's recommended to download vanilla-data.7z and install the new sounds.