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  1. gamebrew

    Old Release: eLIBS_release_2

    Hi, I've made an entry for it at Even though it's not in a usable state, I think it's an interesting find! Thanks for sharing it.
  2. gamebrew

    New Release: Red Viper 3DS v0.9.1 By Floogle, danielps, and others

    This 3DS emulator is an advancement of danielps's r3Ddragon project for the Virtual Boy. It employs a dynamic recompiler and busywait detection alongside a hardware-accelerated renderer, optimizing performance for the 3DS's modest hardware capabilities. Features: *Compatibility with all...
  3. gamebrew

    New Release: Stacker for Vita v1.0 By Bunkai9448

    Stacker for Vita is for a stacker arcade game made with Godot 3.5. It's designed to be played on the PS Vita and the game has sounds created with Bosca Ceoil. Plus there's a browser version available for PC and mobile devices as well. What's New: *First release. Download...
  4. gamebrew

    New Release: Smash TV HD-2D Vita v1.0 By captkuso

    A short action game for PSVITA made in Godot. PS Vita version has an extremely long load time on opening (around a minute). Don't worry, it'll load! What's New: *First release. Download:
  5. gamebrew

    New Release: Mighty No. 9 Vita vdemo By homebrewfather

    This fan-made game was created by a developer known as homebrewfather. The original Kickstarter campaign for Mighty No. 9 promised to bring the game to 3DS and Vita, but it was never delivered. This homebrew version is the developer's way of delivering what was promised for the PS Vita platform...
  6. gamebrew

    New Release: Sonic The Hedgehog Run Vita v1.0 By bayashi

    A simple action game as a fan-made game of Sonic. The controls are simple: just press the buttons! Let's go! What's New: *First release. Download:
  7. gamebrew

    New Release: OnePartyOneDungeon Vita vdemo By PolyDood

    OnePartyOneDunegeon is a short Beat em up game where the members have to face monster such as slimes and goblins to get the treasure. What's New: *First release. Download:
  8. gamebrew

    New Release: Breath of Thunder Vita valpha By Sungrand Studios

    Breath of Thunder is a turn based JRPG created specifically for people who long for a classic RPG experience free of modern complications. There is no obtuse, convoluted storyline, no buttonmashy battle system, and no boring, pointless filler content. Breath of Thunder will remind us all what...
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    New Release: Netsurf 3DS v0.02 By coderman64

    NetSurf 3DS is a work-in-progress (WIP) modern-ish web browser for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a homebrew port of the NetSurf web browser, known for being portable and lightweight, functioning on less than 32MB of RAM without requiring third-party GUI libraries, thanks to its framebuffer front-end...
  10. gamebrew

    New Release: Modern Combat 3 Vita v1.0 By v-atamanenko

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is a first-person shooter developed and published by Gameloft Montreal. The game is set in 2028, where North Korea, Russia, and Pakistan join forces to invade the USA, leading to a global war. The intense 13-mission campaign features impressive cinematics and...
  11. gamebrew

    New Release: Psee Demo Vita v0.1 By aDeCon Production

    Embark on a journey in the enigmatic realm of Psee, where the laws of gravity hold sway. Within this mystical world, peculiar creatures known as Psets wield the power to manipulate objects and traverse their surroundings through levitation. What's New: *First release. Download...
  12. gamebrew

    New Release: FFD-Vita v1.0 By Rinnegatamante

    FFD-Vita serves as a wrapper/port for Final Fantasy Dimensions on the PS Vita. The port achieves its functionality by loading the official Android ARMv6 executables into memory. It then proceeds to resolve imports using native functions and apply necessary patches to ensure smooth execution...
  13. gamebrew

    New Release: NetHackDS v3.6.7 By fancypantalons (brettk)

    NetHackDS aims to make the best use of the DS hardware, providing an easy-to-use, ergonomic NetHacking experience. Unlike a simple port with a software keyboard, it leverages the DS's keypad, touchscreen, and multiple displays to optimize information presentation and simplify input. NetHack is...
  14. gamebrew

    New Release: ThirdTube 3DS v0.5.4 By windows-server-2003

    ThirdTube is a work-in-progress project inspired by NewPipe. It provides a faster and more efficient way to access YouTube content on your 3DS without the need for JavaScript or HTML rendering. So enjoy your YouTube experience on your 3DS! What's New: *Fixed channel page not loading *Fixed...
  15. gamebrew

    New Release: SimpleModDownloader Switch v2.0.0 By PoloNX

    SimpleModDownloader, a remarkable Nintendo Switch homebrew application that facilitates the download of mods directly from GameBanana. The SimpleModDownloader project is a testament to the vibrant homebrew community, where passionate developers contribute to enhancing the gaming experience for...
  16. gamebrew

    New Release: Bitmap Printer Switch v1.3.0c By HookedBehemoth

    Bitmap Printer intercepts the capture button event and takes uncompressed RGB bitmap images instead of the usual compressed JPEG images. The goal is to ensure that the screenshots you capture look just as good when you showcase them as they did when you took them. This module even works in...
  17. gamebrew

    New Release: Doom RPG Vita v1.1.0 By jakubito

    Doom RPG Vita, a fascinating project that brings the classic Doom RPG game to the PlayStation Vita. Doom RPG was originally a mobile game released in 2005. It cleverly combines the iconic Doom first-person shooter series with elements of a role-playing game. While it shares some events with...
  18. gamebrew

    New Release: NTR Viewer HR 3DS v0.1.4.2 By zbash92

    NTR Viewer HR 3DS is an NTR streaming client developed by zbash92 for use with NTR-HR. It provides an optional NN filter to reduce JPEG artifacts, although it may make images and small text appear overly sharpened or denoised. What's New: *Fix Linux build not working on MESA. *Updated Window...
  19. gamebrew

    New Release: NTR-HR 3DS v0.2.1.1 By zbash92

    NTR-HR 3DS is an updated NTR streamer homebrew based on NTR CFW. It serves as a wrapper/port of the game Freeways for the PS Vita. This port is developed by Captain Games and allows players to experience the unique gameplay of Freeways on their handheld console. What's New: *Minor fix to...
  20. gamebrew

    New Release: Freeways Vita v1.0 By Rinnegatamante

    Freeways Vita is a wrapper/port of the game Freeways for the PS Vita. Developed by Captain Games, Freeways is an indie traffic management simulation/puzzle game. The Vita port allows players to experience this unique game on their handheld console. What's New: *First release. Download...