Chokistream - 3DS Streaming client for PC


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I'm part of a group which has been working to create Chokistream, a 3DS streaming client for PC intended to be a replacement for Snickerstream. In particular, we're focusing on supporting HzMod, which has had comparatively little support compared to NTR, although it supports some extra features, like lossless TARGA compression.
Compared to Snickerstream, we:
  • Have partial and increasing support for TARGA compression
  • Support an additional HzMod version
  • Are cross-platform (we're the only cross-platform app supporting HzMod)
  • Support dual-screen HzMod
  • Can stream directly to a video file (although this is somewhat unstable for now)
We also have good NTR support, although we don't support remote controlling. If you're interested in 3DS streaming, come give us a try, even if you're using NTR, and let us know how it goes. If you're at all interested in HzMod, hopefully you'll find our use interesting or helpful.

We're also working on a replacement for/evolution of HzMod called CHokiMod, but that's far from release at the moment.

Also, if you're a wiki editor, I'd appreciate a page on us and maybe updates to the Snickerstream and HzMod pages. (The HzMod page in particular has a couple issues, as it doesn't distinguish between HzMod and HorizonScreen, which should generally be treated as separate projects.)


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Awesome, thanks! If you could set up a wiki account for me that'd be great, where do I send the email to?