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    SMBZ-DS updates

    v0.4 is out, and it's a big one * New character(s) will be added for v0.5. This is mostly a bugfix update. * Fixed bug where ground cuts off abruptly at the bottom; it now loops indefinitely. * Added the ability to skip the title screen animation when booting up the game. (Press A) * Each sound...
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    SMBZ-DS updates

    hello again, just out here to say that v0.3 is out now * New stage: yoshi_forest_reboot (Episode 2 of the SMBZ reboot, Yoshi VS Metallix) * Added a distance limit between the two players (can't go too far away from other player) * Fixed "No slots left" crash error (or crash to MicroLua's file...
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    SMBZ-DS updates * New stage: doomship_outside (from Episode 8, when the plane is nearing Bowser's Doomship) * You can no longer attack during the initial...